The complete (?) Greenbottle works

Greenbottle was an annoying boy who created all sorts of mayhem for Dr. Pym.

Surprisingly, he had a unique way with words...

Ode to an Eagle (lesson 22.3)

O bird that flyeth in the air,
Thou canst fly fr from here to there.
The like of thou I've never met,
And would I like thy wings? -You bet!

O bird that flyeth in the air,
How dost thou get from here to there?
Is it the wings that thou hast got?
The wings thou hast, and I hast not?

O bird that flyeth in the air,
Where art thou going? O where, O where?...

Ode to a Duck (lesson 223)

O duck that quacketh in the morning,
Is that thy nest with eggs adorning?
Thy quack is but a message bold
But thy eggs are beaut, and can be sold

Ode to a Silkworm (lesson 460)

0 worm, from whence we get the silk
Thou art like the cow who giveth milk
Spin on, O worm, spin while you may,
For tomorrow you'll be a butterfleay.

We'll protect you and hope
That you'll not know what harm is,
0 give up your silk
For my old man's pyjammies

Daisy the Beautiful (lesson 225)

0 daisy with thy flower of gold,
Thou art a thing of beauty to behold,
Growing there in the dark, dark ground.
Where worms and slugs abound.
But when you flower
in the bright, bright sun,
We know the slugs have lost,
And you have won!

To a Pine Tree (lesson 224)

0 stately pine, thou art a tree,
So tall, and slim, and graceful
Come, shed your pinecones for our fire,
Last year we got a caseful!

To a Fisherman (Lesson 246)
Fishermen. of the sea ought to keep still while they're fishing so then they don't get seasick.

Ocean, ocean, roll along,
Thy waves are but another song.
Sometimes rough, sometimes inviting,
Please yield up three dozen whiting.

Be calm, 0 sea, and don't be boisterous,
Be kind to us fishermen
And o us oysterers.

Ode to a Teapot (lesson 459)

Thou art a thing of beauty to behold,
And thou stoppest the tea from going cold.
If by carefess maid thou get broke or cracked,
We all get thirsty and the maid gets sacked.

0 pot wherein we place the tea,
Thou holdest a beverage for me and me.
(well, haven't you ever had two cups?)
Thou art so state[y, e'en to the lid
Although thou cost nine-pence,
Thy real worth's a quid!

(From lesson 56)

Under the spreading chestnut bough
Stood a little boy with a hacking cough.
His mother gave him a piece of dough
And the little boy said he'd had enough.





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